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Boorreeeddd. Sound familiar? You're home alone without a thing to do, dieing of boredom. Sure, you got lots of things you could do, but you're bored with the usual and want something new. Or maybe you have a few spare moments at the office before lunch ends. Or any other number of countless boring possibilities. Bud don't surrender in the war of boredom. Read these methods to push boredom back into it's own territory.

Boredom Killer #1: YouTube

Whatever your tastes are, YouTube has it for you. Comedy, movies, music, love, the odds are someone will have a video for the genre you want. But let's sat you're that one person out there who stumped YouTube. Now what? Well, if you got a camera, make a video yourself and submit it to YouTube! You can kill  boredom, and become an internet sensation if your video goes viral. Die, boredom, die!

Boredom Killer #2: Write

Do you have a story burning inside you, pleading to come out into the real world? Write it down and escap…