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18 Signs You Hate People

1. When people make plans with you, the day of the plans you are conveniently away from your phone.

2. When someone throws you a surprise party you thank them and then quietly sneak away and call the police.

3. You take the saying "three's a crowd" to heart.

4. You start to think that orphans have a pretty sweet deal.

5. You live in the country just so you don't have to talk to anyone even though you hate trees. and bugs. and just nature in general.

6. You make up a rare disease just so you have an excuse when your friends ask you to hang out. Assuming you have friends, that is.

7. You lie to your family and tell them you're going to a friend's house when really you'd rather be forced to endure a nine hour loop of "kitty kitty you're so pretty pretty."

8. You treat inanimate objects like they are your true friends and in a fire you'd save their "life" rather than, you know, an actual person.

9. You run away from home to go liv…