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Should I Eat Carbs?

So apparently if you look almost anywhere on the internet about losing weight, there are a bunch of people telling you if you want to lose weight you absolutely must cut carbs (carbohydrates, for all you who don't use short forms) completely from your diet. In other words, carbs are the reincarnation of the devil designed to make you fat. Even supposedly healthy carbs like oatmeal, and whole grains, are just evil carbs pretending to be healthy. Some will even say you can eat as many calories as you want (I wish), and still lose weight, as long as you don't eat any of the dreaded "c" word.


Come on, people! Losing weight is supposed to be about becoming healthy, fit, and happy. Not trying to look like a skeleton with flesh who doesn't enjoy eating because all they do is worry about how fat something will make them.

Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking, but what if they do like not eating carbs? Well, let's think for a minute about what the…