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The Joy of Fear

So Halloween is on Monday and it made me think about humans and why we enjoy scaring ourselves so much. Because that’s basically what Halloween is about. It might have started off as scaring away the undead, but now it’s just about scaring the living. Well, and candy. Lots of candy. Like so much candy that we could probably build a wall. But then people would just eat the wall, and we’d probably all get sick. And the exercise would have been pointless…but why am I talking about walls?
Back to fear. We like to be scared. Why? Probably because we get a high off of it. That’s why people jump out of perfectly working airplanes. To get a high. Because apparently life isn’t exciting enough for them. Or they couldn’t find any cocaine that day (joking. Drugs are bad, children). In short, it’s fun. It’s fun to dress up in silly costumes and try to scare each other in a safe environment. That’s a safe kind of fear. Like watching a horror movie. You get to live vicariously through the characters…


Cat Grant is honestly my favourite character on Supergirl. She might be a little bit crazy, insane, and not quite possible in the real world, but everything she stands for and represents is so inspiring. Especially to creatives like me and hopefully you, who are trying to find our place in this world and carve out our own little section of it to call our own. If you don’t watch Supergirl, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but the things I’m going to talk about in this post can still apply to you, even if you’re not a creative (which I think we all are at some level, but that’s another post).
Warning: there are a few spoilers coming up (but not too many) if you haven’t watched the first episode of season 2 of Supergirl yet. Also, I haven’t watched the second episode, so please refrain from saying anything about it. Thank you.
At the end of last season on Supergirl, Kara (a.k.a Supergirl) is given the opportunity to pick a new job by Cat Grant, any job she wants. A…