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How to Survive the Christmas Season

So, you’re looking to survive the apocalypse….er….the Christmas season? No? You think you got it all together? Well think again. Christmas is coming. It’s not even American Thanksgiving and the Chrismasites are out in full swing. They’ll turn you. They’ll eat your brains. I mean, spread Christmas cheer? Even before November first, people (marketers and the crazies) were pumping out the Christmas horror cheer. Even I got in on this action, which you can see here (ah, the shameless self-promotion). But wait, isn’t there like almost a month and a bit until Christmas? Exactly. Less than two months and constant Christmasites in action. You need a game plan. I need a game plan. We all need a game plan or we’re going to be buried under a mountain of shiny, sparkly, candy cane scented madness. So read on to find out how to survive the Christmas season.
Embrace the Chaos
Counterintuitive, I know, but you have to fight madness with madness. Your neighbour puts up their lights, you put up bigger …