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I feel like my life is in shambles sometimes.

Like I am floating through it with no idea where to go.

Like I am bouncing back and forth, trying to decide the “right” move.
Like I’m stuck in some sort of limbo and wondering if I’ll ever get out.
Like everything is cricking, or cracking. Breaking, and shattering. But on the surface is a smooth piece of glass that says: I’m doing fine. You don’t need to worry. I don’t need to worry.
I’m doing fine.
I’m not doing fine.
I’m doing well enough, I suppose. I have plans, I suppose. But still there is that never ending, always there, lingering doubt.
It never quite goes away.
Then there’s the shame. Shame for not doing better. Shame for not being further along in life. Shame for not having it all together. Shame for failing.
I heard once that millennials were all about “now”. Getting what they wanted now, and not waiting. Achieving everything now.
But I wonder if that’s true?
Or rather, I wonder if it’s because we feel like we have to.
We see…