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Time for Sale! Bottled Time for Sale!

Time is one of the single most valuable things in life, yet humans insist on wasting it. We insist on procrastinating. We insist on putting it off to another day, because we don’t feel like it (like we’ll ever feel like it), and we convince ourselves we worked hard and need a break. Maybe we did. Or maybe we trick ourselves into thinking we did more than we actually did. But maybe you don’t need this post. Maybe you don’t procrastinate, like, ever. If so, then go write a post about that and share your secrets with the world. But for the rest of us who are mere mortals, here’s some thoughts I’ve been having about why we need to treat the time we have as a precious gift.
So why is time precious? Well, simply put you can’t buy more. You can’t find more. You don’t even know how much you have. You might have everything planned out for the next five years and then someone comes along and steals that time from you, and you have none left. You can’t even put time on hold for a while bec…

Christmas Short Story Teaser

So, I know it's insanely early for Christmas, but it's, like, almost here...right? Anyway I'm putting out a Christmas short story around the beginning of November so I thought I would post the beginning here. It's going to be available on most major e-book sites, and I'm going to be serializing it on Wattpad (also, if you're interested I'll be writing later posts on how that works out). Essentially, the story is about finding true love in time for Christmas.

Is it weird to be afraid of the dark but crave it like a hunger? To fear going out at night, but to love sitting in a house all alone, no lights, curtains wide, night rapidly falling, cool air rushing in? I feel like the night is the only time I can breathe. The daytime only reminds me of my misery. The night is when I can finally relax. Alicia stopped writing in her diary. Her cat had crept over to her and demanded to be petted. It purred to life under her, nuzzling its soft head against her hand. She …

I Suck At Life

I suck at life. I know that’s a really dramatic thing to say, and let me be clear and say that I’m not looking for sympathy. I just need to express what I’m going through and maybe some other people out there also feel like they suck at life and this post will help them in some way. But then again it might just turn out to be a rant, so you might not want to read this if you’re not into rants.
So I suck at life. I feel like I’ve done everything wrong in my life and that now I’ve messed up I can’t really fix it. I’ve never had a job. I never tried really hard to get a job when I was younger because I wanted to write in the summers. I did try to get a job for a while during the summers but I always applied too late for summer employment. Then I just stopped trying. Then I didn’t write as much as I could have in the summers. I was stupid. An idiot. That’s harsh but now I’m 22, finished four years of university, and have no experience. So if you’re young and you’re reading this, thinking …

What Are You Thankful For?

It's Thanksgiving this weekend (in Canada), and it makes me wonder how many people just see another day off work. Do people really think about what the holiday means? Or do they just want their turkey? I think most people do think of it as a time to get together with family, but how many people actually think about what they’re thankful for? And do they just do it the one day, or do they think about it year round? Because really, if you’re only thankful when you’re supposed to be thankful, how thankful are you?

Think about it. We have loads of stuff. Loads of it. It may not feel like loads. It may feel like we need more, but really we have more than we think we do. Do you have family? Friends? Food? You also probably have so much stuff you could have a yard sale or two. And I’m not saying it’s bad to want more. I want more. You probably want more. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and going after more in life. But if the focus is always on wanting more and never on what …

Book Review: Evelina by Tim Pearsall

Synopsis from Amazon:

Evelina is a mutation. Some would say an abomination. Created by Pagan magic at the death of Christ she feeds on the suffering of others, and her curse is longevity. 
She tramples down the ages with revenge on her mind, drawn to the miseries of mankind, where there is war and suffering you will find her. At times a warrior, a mercenary, an assassin, a whore.
In modern London, Evelina tangles with an ordinary young couple and their lives are changed forever. The huntress becomes the hunted culminating in a showdown with the son of a former adversary. Flashbacks of her former life both illuminate and complicate her unnatural character. The pace is fast, the action bloody and furious. 

My Thoughts:
Evelina: Love you to Death, is the first book in the Evelina series. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
As soon as I found out that this book was about a woman who fed off the suffering and pain of others, I was hooked. I needed to read thi…