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I Think Too Much

I swear I think too much sometimes. I really do. I know, you’re thinking how can thinking be bad? Since when is thinking a bad thing? And, yeah, you got a point there ever quiet reader. But sometimes thinking can lead to a spiral.
I think part of the issue comes from me taking philosophy courses (and no, I did not major in something with no job prospects like philosophy, I choose English to do that). And no I’m not blaming them, I wouldn’t trade them for anything (well, most things) in the world. But they cause you to think deeply about life, and to question how things are, and if you don’t have a solid base in reality that can get you into a lot of trouble.
What I tend to head towards recently, well not always recently but sometimes, is nihilism. Essentially nothing matters. Or something like that. I should go to the trouble of finding out the definition of nihilism but honestly you know how to use google. Use it. Then come back. I will still be here. But anyway I kind of feel like…

Misfit Flash Review

Ah, the Misfit Flash. An ingenious little fitness tracker that is supposed to make you fit, healthy, and lose weight. Lies, lies, lies. Okay, not exactly lies….but I’m not too happy the Misfit Flash. Let’s get into the review, shall we?
I got the Misfit Flash back in January as an early birthday gift. It was also on sale so it only cost $30 instead of the usual $50. I have now been using it for about three months, maybe three and a half. I don’t feel like figuring out the exact amount of time. The Misfit Flash does do essentially what it claims to, but it also has some serious issues that need to be improved.
The Design The design is pretty good for the price. The material the band is made out of is soft and flexible. I suppose it’s a type of rubber. It’s adjustable to fit tiny childlike wrists, and huge giantlike wrists. It comes in an array of colours. The band is also discreet and about the size of a watch. So it can be worn under clothing and will blend into most outfits. There i…