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How I Come Up With Ideas

I was originally going to title this post: "How Do You Come Up With Ideas". But I figured since I'm going to write about how I came up with an idea, it made more sense to title the post: "How I Come Up With Ideas".

So why, you ask, am I going to talk about coming up with ideas? Well, because I came up with an idea in a really random way last week and I wanted to see if there was anyone else out there like me. Also, I feel like a lot of people want to know how to come up with ideas. Just Google it, and you'll find plenty, (note: do not actually Google "it").

Anyway, last week I was in a lecture (at University), and I was extremely bored. I can't really blame it all on the professor though, because I was also super tired, and probably just about any subject would have bored me. Anyway, I started to think about what would happen if someone with a gun burst in through the door, like how people would react to it. Then I thought about what would hap…

Sleep Is For The Weak!

Sleeping is for the weak! Today in this crazed world of ours there is no reason, nor no time, not even one second to waste on the dreaded evil called sleep! In this article you will learn about the evils of the cloaked monster waiting in your bed. Yes! In your actual bed! Read on, young one, to learn about one of societies greatest evils.

Sleeping is promoted as being "healthy" and "good for you". Yeah, I bet next your gonna tell me that doughnut isn't "healthy" either. I mean honestly, they expect us to believe that lying in bed for eight hours doing absolutely nothing, is healthy? No wonder people are fat. If we moved all night long  no one would be fat anymore. But no, we have to rest our brains. Does the heart need resting? Do the lungs need resting? No. They work all the time, and they're just fine. I think the people who tell us sleep is healthy, just have deals with all the mattress companies. 
One of the evils sleep bestows on people is pr…