My Dog's Various Animals

Hey all!

This post is slightly exaggerated.

Most people have a dog. I myself have one named Roy, but I am especially lucky because my dog is five animals rolled into one! He is part squirrel, bat, pig, cat, and is of course a dog. How does this happen, you say? He looks like an ordinary dog in the picture? It seems that way my friends, but it is not. I assure you he is five animals in one.

When he was but a wee little puppy, he cohabited with the squirrels in the backyard and was accepted as their kind.

He resembles a bat as he leaps from the couch to the floor in a swoop, and flings himself off the back of a five foot chair.

He goes pig on walks, snorting and sniffing the air while sloshing through mud puddles coating himself in it.

In his leisure at home, he will lie on the floor and clean his face as a cat would and will climb trees and lie contentedly in the sun.

He is of course also a dog and has various dog characteristics such as barking and marking territory.

There you have it! The profile of my dog. What types of pets do you have?