Things to do on a Sunny Summer Day

Hello Everybody!
As we know it's getting close to summer, and we all know what it's like to be on summer vacation from school, work, or unemployment. It's a gorgeous day out, and what are we doing? Sitting at home, inside, doing absolutely nothing. It's time to go outside people, and no, not the virtual wilderness on your computer, but the real world. Here are some lovely suggestions to do on a sunny summer day.

Go to the Beach
There is nothing like splashing in the water on a hot summer day. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and you "accidentally" splashed that kid who wouldn't shut up (not advised). What a great way to spend a day. And if you're not near a beach, (or afraid of the diseases), you can jump in a pool.

Lie in the Shade
It can be very relaxing just being outside in nature. Lying on the cool grass in the shade of a tree can be a great lazy way to pass a summer afternoon, maybe even read a book while you're there.

Go Sailing
Alright. So you kind of need a boat to go sailing. Or some other floating device (canoe, kayak, etc.) but if you or a friend has this, I bet it'd be a nice way to spend a summer day.

Build a Fortress
This one may seem juvenile, but even if you're older, it can be fun to be a kid again and play in the trees. Plus, your neighbors will be jealous. Or, if you want to be more productive on your summer vacation, you could build a deck, or even a shed. Either way, this is a fun thing for those who like to create.

Okay, time to get off the computer and do some of these things. What other things do you do on your summer days off? Tell me in the comments!