University Survival Guide (can be adapted to other situations)

Everyone needs a good guide on how to get though that first year of University, or maybe a first year in high school, or even just a new job. Well, my friends, here is your Survival Guide! 

Step # 1
Take a tour of the the university/college. Tours can give a lot of information and can be crucial for decision making. Some universities and colleges even have virtual tours on their websites so you don't necessarily have to travel to the university or college. Also, the website is a good place to get an idea of what the school has to offer.

Step # 2
Join the conversation. Most colleges and universities have some form of a group or page on a social networking site. Quite often they have specific ones for new comers. Check out what others have to say and comment on their posts. Who knows? You could make friends before you even get there!

Step # 3 
Go to new student orientation. This is where you get acquainted with the college/university before making the transition. They tell you some of the main things about how the school works so you're not totally clueless. They can also provide important information like how to register for courses. Similarly, many schools have a frosh week or some sort of introducing new students week which is just first years before classes start. This is important to go to as it can be a great way to make friends and get lost and find your way so you don't have to leave an hour early for your classes the following week.

Step # 4
Do your work. It is very easy to fall behind on school work and even more difficult to catch up. If you want to do good, put in the extra time to get your homework done on time, especially readings as they can help a lot in seminars.

Step # 5
Socialize. Homework is important, but so is socializing. If you spend every minute of every day doing homework, you will go insane. Your mind needs some relaxation time to work effectively. 

Step # 6
Have fun! Don't stress all the time about how well you're doing, but take the time to step back, smell the roses, and appreciate where you are. You should be proud that you are furthering your education and taking on a new adventure.

You now have the tools, go use them and write about it in the comments!