Cures for Writer's Block

Writer's Block. We've all had it, I've had it these past few days. But whether you are writing an essay or a blog article do not fret my friend, because there are cures for the dreaded writer's block.

Cure Number One: Make a List
One of the easiest ways to cure writers block is to make a list of things that relate to the topic. For example, you are asked to write on dogs but haven't a clue where to start. Well, you can start by listing breeds, colours, sizes, attitudes, living conditions, personalities and so forth. You then look at your list and connect relating items. Or you can use this to generate a topic by simply listing things which interest you.

Cure Number Two: Research
Some of us love research, some hate it, but it can be an excellent soldier against writer's block. This works best when you are given a topic or different choices, or even if you have a few ideas clinking around, but are not sure where to go with them. Then all you have to do is go to the nearest search engine and type them in. However, if you are doing this for school make sure you find accurate sources, and if it's for college or university, or even work make sure they are scholarly articles. That is, if you intend to use them, if not it doesn't matter. But remember not to plagiarize and to cite sources.

Cure Number Three: Write a Blog About Curing Writer's Block
Remember when I told you all I had writer's block? Well, this is me putting in practice one of my cures. This one is mainly for bloggers but can be adapted to school or work depending on what is asked of you, or you could write a book about it if you are feeling ambitious. Or, you could even try a poem.

Cure Number Four: Describe
Describing what you are writing about or going to write about can cure writer's block because it gets your mind thinking. You start to see all the sides of your project and new ideas will spring up out of nowhere. Thus, before you know it you will have a story to tell, an essay to argue, or a poem to share.

Cure Number Five: Take a Break
Sometimes you can't get rid of writer's block because your mind is simply too tired or stressed to be creative. When this happens it is best to do something you enjoy or take a short nap and revisit your project later on. Just don't wait too long if you have a deadline. However, you can avoid running out of time by starting the project early on.

So guess what? Now you can cure writer's block! Don't be afraid to tell your friends who suffering from it. Or don't, and laugh evilly while they suffer. Mwha, ha, ha. ;)