3 Reasons Why You Should Leash Your Dog

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about something that bugs me almost every time I go to the park. In most public parks there are signs indicating that you should leash your dog. Even so, I find that numerous times I have been to Jackson's Park (a local park in Peterborough), only to find that there are people who surprise surprise, do not have their dogs leashed. This is a danger to not only the people around them, but to their dogs. So unless you are in a dog park, here are some common sense reasons to leash your dog:

1. It is to protect your dog from other dogs. I don't know how many times I have pulled my dog away from another dog only to have their owner say "don't worry, he's friendly", I respond with "mine's not". I usually get a weird look and they hurriedly yank their dog back. But what if they weren't quick enough? What if my dog was faster? I'm not joking when I say my dog will bite another dog, and if the other dog is off the leash, it's their fault. Do you really want to risk your dog? This is why there is a leash, so that you can protect your dog from unfriendly dogs. 

2. It is a nuisance to people. Whether or not you have a dog, a person may not want another dog running up to them, which in my experience is what most off leash dogs do. That person could be allergic to dogs, they could have a fear of them, or they could just be a mean person. Again, if this person reacts badly your dog could get hurt, as it could get kicked or hit by the other person, and not necessarily because they meant to do it, it could just be reflex. Your dog could also run in front of a biker and trip them up potentially injuring your dog and the biker. In other words, if you want to protect your dog from injuries, and not be a nuisance to other people, put your dog on a leash. 

3. To protect your dog from cars. I have not seen many people in the city with unleashed dogs, but it's probable that it has happened before. Animals don't understand about cars. Even if they learn about cars, if they go to an unfamiliar place they may not realize that cars can hurt them here as well. For instance, my parents had a cat who got hit by a car. The cat was okay and learned not to go on the road. But then my parents moved and the cat got hit by a car again and this time didn't make it out alive. I know that dogs are different in that you will be with them and you think they will listen to you, but there is always the chance they won't. There is the chance they will see a chipmunk and run across the street and get hit by a car. Are you willing to take that chance? 

Ultimately, in case you hadn't noticed, leashing your dog is to protect your dog. So please, if you want to let your dog run free take it to a dog park, or if you must let it off the leash illegally, at least put the leash back on when people come by (however I don't recommend this, your dog should be leashed in the first place). Many thanks.

Do you leash your dog?