8 Things That Annoy Me

It's good to be positive and understanding. But sometimes there are things that really annoy or just confuse people. I bet you have a list of things that annoy you, I sure do, and I'm going to share it with you. Lucky you!

1.  Food Apps. Why are there so many apps about food? I kind of get the ones that are actually a puzzle game and you do something. But why are there so many where you make a specific type of food? It just makes people hungry. No wonder people eat all the time when it's shoved in front of their faces.

2. Selling Twitter followers. I don't know if these people got the memo, but slavery is over. You can't own people, so why do people sell twitter followers? Even if you buy them do you think they will actually listen to what you tweet? Is it really all about the number?

3. Type 2 diabetics who complain about diabetes, or are hoping for a cure the way type 1 diabetics are. Yes. I want a cure to diabetes. But if you're type 2 you already have a cure. Lose weight. I know. It's mean and harsh, but it's true. I understand that there are cases out there where type 2 diabetes has been caused for some reason other than weight gain, and that's unfortunate for those people, but you can't tell me that every obese person who has type 2 diabetes didn't get it due to weight. If you're trying to do something about it I really respect that, but don't act like you're in the same boat as type 1 diabetics. 

4. People who think type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the same. Trust me, they are not the same. If you don't know anything about diabetes, that's fine, I don't know about a lot of other diseases. But what you shouldn't do is blindly assume things you're not sure on. Unfortunately, everywhere today there is information and recipes about how to beat diabetes, except no one mentions the type 2 part, as there is no cure for type 1.

5. People who follow you on twitter and then unfollow after you follow them. I get the whole following people so they'll follow you thing, I do that myself, but I don't unfollow people unless they bug me. Following people to get them to follow, and unfollowing once they do is just rude, and mean. If you don't want to follow everyone who follows you, then don't follow people to get them to follow you, and later unfollow them. Chances are they'll unfollow you anyway if you do that. Instead, have good content to get followers without having to follow other people. 

6. Facebook. More specifically, people who treat Facebook like Twitter. On Twitter, it is okay to tell the world what you're doing a bunch of times a day, but it is just annoying on Facebook. I don't care that you just ate a piece of pie. Twitter is different because it is easier to just scroll past tweets you don't want to read, and people update more often. Also, people who post depressing status all the time bug me. If you want help, Facebook someone. Or talk to someone in the outside world. Don't just post "oh woe is me" statuses all the time. It gets old real fast.

7. People who advertise their YouTube channel on popular YouTube channels. I get it. You want people to watch your channel. But other people's YouTube channels are not the place to advertise. It just bugs people. Even if they do watch your video they'll probably be less inclined to stay on your channel because you annoyed them by advertising on a channel they like. Most people who do this don't even give feedback to the popular video they are advertising on. They just spam, and people don't like spammers. 

8. Chain messages. No one is going to come to your house at four am and kill you if you don't post the message you just read on 6 other videos, or whatever chain message is going around. No one cares. Why do people start these? Why are they always bad? What the hell is the point? 

This post has been more like a rant, but everyone has things that annoy them. It is practically inevitable. What annoys you? 

P.S. please don't say this blog post.