Celebrate Canada Day and Annoy People Everywhere

Canada Day is a holiday to celebrate living in Canada, and to celebrate the country in general. But, no one said you couldn't have a little fun and celebrate at the same time. So, if you know someone who's not too fond of celebrating Canada, or you just don't like them, follow these tips and have an awesome Canada Day!

1. Say "eh?" at the end of every sentence. Example: "I like your shirt, eh? Where did you get it, eh? Can I touch it, eh? No, I don think the fact that I want to touch your shirt is creepy, eh?"

2. Wear red and white, but also wear a flag as a cape, or something that has a Canada print on it. Then run around saying, "I am Super Canada Man/Woman! I have the ability to withstand cold temperatures, drink high quantities of alcohol, and devour beaver tails!"

3. Spell Canada as C-a-n-a-d-eh? You don't necessarily have to wait for someone to ask you how to spell it either. You can just run around spelling it whenever you like!

4. Set off fireworks. Okay, so this one is pretty fun. I'll be doing this one myself Sunday night. But, if you have a neighbour you don't like, you can "accidentally" shoot a fire work in their backyard. (Note: I do not endorse this, and it is not supposed to be taken as an actual suggestion. Although, it really did happen to me once by accident, where we were setting off fireworks and one tipped over and shot into the yard of the person we don't like. Luckily, they weren't home at the time :)

5. Sing "O'Canada" really loudly all the time, or if you don't know the lyrics, or are just too lazy to sing it all, just keep singing "Canada". You can walk up and down your street and do this, or walk around your house, or wherever you like.

6. Eat beaver tails. This one doesn't annoy people, but beaver tails (the pastry kind) are delicious, and they are Canadian. Also, if you take the last one, that will definitely annoy people.

7. Tell people you live in an igloo and own a pet caribou. It might not annoy them, but it'll be funny to see their reaction.

Do as many of these as you dare, just remember that there is the possibility of people getting mad enough to attack you, or depending on where you do them you could get in serious trouble, but it's probably unlikely. Also, Canadians are always polite, aren't they? So you should fine.

How are you going to celebrate Canada Day?