So this is a poem I wrote when I was upset. For whatever reason I don't remember much about the time I wrote it, but reading it over I decided I like it and I think it can be applied to a lot of different situations. Hope you enjoy it!


Why is my heart beating so hard?
Maybe because it knows I'm
to die.
How did I get here? To
this situation?
How did it happen? How did it occur?
How did you get to yours? I to mine?

The same way,
hard work and
But something went

I may not have much breath left,
but breath it all
I shall.
I will not go out,
without, without, without.

You may never here this,
may never see it,
but I know in my
you will feel it.


The thing that is there,
that is always with
unique to you
and no other,
but remains a

Have you ever written a poem and forgot about it, only to find it later and like it but not understand entirely what you meant by it?