Tips For Enjoying Life

Life is short. Or long. Depending on your outlook and how long you've been alive. But one thing everyone can agree on is they want to enjoy life, and not merely stay alive until they're the last of their friends to croak. And thus, I present to you some tips which I have learned from various sources, on how to enjoy life. Enjoy ;)

Tip #1 Be Nice
I know, ever since you were a little kid your parents or some other adult told you to "play nice". Whether or not you listened is debatable, but there is some truth in what they were saying. I want you to stop for a moment and think about what the world would be like if everyone was nice to each other. How would the world be different? Would you help people who needed it, even if it was out of your way? Would people be more trusting of people instead of thinking they're going to get ripped off somehow? I understand that you can't be nice all the time, but what you can do is make it a point to try to be nice more often.

Tip #2 Don't Assume
Another saying that people hear a lot, but a true and good one. Unless you know the person, you don't know what they could be dealing with in their life. Someone they love could have died, they could have just lost their job, it can be anything. So the next time a stranger is rude to you, think about that. It doesn't give the stranger the right to be rude, but it can help you understand why they would do that instead of thinking they are just a jerk.

Tip #3 Forgive People
Forgiving people is sometimes easy, and other times it is hard. If you know the person and they apologize, it is fairly easy to forgive. But if you don't know the person, or that person is no longer a part of your life, this can be difficult. By forgiving the person you are not condoning what they did to you, but it is more for yourself and you are letting go of any negative feelings that you have toward that person. It may feel good to hold onto your grudge against this person, but ultimately it does nothing. This person is usually not hurt by you holding a grudge so you are just harming yourself. That is why for your own good you should move on from what this person did to you. Even if you can't forgive them, you should let go of any negative emotions you have with them. In other words, don't sit and think about how what they did to you was wrong, and just let it go.

Tip #4 Think Positive
This one, I know, can be very difficult to do at times. It easy to get on the pity train and go through "I can't do anything right" town. But you have to recognize when you are doing this, and you also have to see that it does you no good. When has thinking negative ever got you anywhere? When? Thinking positive, on the other hand, can get you to so many places. It is normal to have self doubt, and negative thoughts, but you can't let those thoughts control you. It is up to you how you live. If you think you can do it, odds are you can, but if you think you're going to fail, odds are you will.

Tip #5 Be Yourself
This is another one that people hear a lot, but I wonder how many people actually listen to it. You should be yourself because believe it or not a lot of people will accept you for who you are. Even if you think you're weird, there will be people out there who like you for you. Additionally, let's say you do manage to get friends by being someone else. What now? Are you just going to pretend for the rest of your life? Eventually you won't be able to hide who you are anymore and your "friends" may or may not stick with you, and then you have to start over if they leave. But if you just be yourself from the beginning,
you'll make friends that last.

Which life tip would you add to the list that has helped you through life?