Fantasy Flaws

Okay, so pretty much all of fantasy is unrealistic, but assuming things like vampires, and werewolves were possible, there are some major flaws.

1. Immortality. Vampires are always claiming to be immortal, yet there are numerous ways to kill them. You can stake them, rip them apart, ect. If you can die, guess what buddy, you're not immortal! Sure, they'll live forever if nothing kills them, but the fact that they can die means they're not immortal.

2. Horses with wings (unicorns/Pegasus/whatever weird thing a nerdy teenager creates in his parent's basement which looks similar to these). Yes, they look very pretty, and the idea of soaring through the air on a horse with wings may seem magical. However, do you know how heavy a horse is? Do you know how big those wings are going to have to be to get it of the ground, let alone with you? Come on, people. If this was possible, humans would be attaching wings to themselves and flying everywhere.

3. Werewolves get no blame. Yeah, most people prefer vampires over werewolves, but in the actual show/movie/book, it's always like, "oh, the werewolf didn't mean to kill that person and they don't even remember, so it's okay". Seriously? Just because the vampire remembers the irresistible urge to kill people, it makes the vampires bad, and the wolves furry, lovable, creatures? Somehow I don't think this would fly in the real world.

4. People seem to be totally okay with the fact that vampires and werewolves kill people. I mean, yeah, they didn't mean to do it, but if they were normal humans, I don't think they would have young girls lined up at their door wanting to date them.

5. The age difference. Age is a big issue when it comes to dating, but apparently if your a vampire or some other creature that stops aging, it doesn't matter if you're dating someone a hundred years younger, as long as you look young. In the real world, people are shocked when someone is ten years older, but I guess that all goes out the window when you become a vampire.

I'll admit, I overlook most of these faults myself, but nonetheless, they are still there. So what are some fantasy faults you've noticed?