What Should I Blog About?

When people start a blog, or even when they've had a blog for awhile, they often hit the question: What should I blog about? Well, the truth of the matter is that you can blog about anything as long as it is interesting to someone, and you have a knack for writing. But here is a look at the different types of blogs, or posts that you can make, to get you thinking about what you'd like to do.

Fashion Blogs
Fashion is something that is popular with a lot of people. People often wear clothes, and a lot of those that do like to be in the fashion know, and have the latest outfit. This can be good for you, if you have good fashion sense, and want to keep up with current fashion trends. But if you don't, you may want to pick another topic. But if you do decided to choose this topic, you can write posts that describe your outfit for the day and how you put it together, what accessories match with which outfits, outfits for special occasions (Christmas, wedding), and lots of other posts centered around fashion.

Fitness Blogs
Fitness blogs are another category that is popular with a lot of people. Many people are overweight in today's society, and a lot are looking for ways to become healthy and be fit. So if you know a lot about fitness and weight loss, or even just nutrition, you could start a fitness blog. You could blog about your own fitness and what you are doing to become more fit, so that others can follow your example. Or if you'd rather leave your personal life out of it, you could just write articles about how to become more fit. For instance, you could write a post about what types of food to eat, the benefits of different exercises, staying fit in a busy schedule, and so on. Either way, this is one topic that is a popular one.

"How To" Blogs
People are always looking on the internet for how to do things, so if you have a specific skill which you're good at, you can write a series of "how to" posts on your blog. Like if you know a lot about renovating houses, you can write a post about how to get started, how to do different sections of the house, and everything else you can think of that may be involved in renovating a house. You can do this with pretty much any topic: cooking, planting, writing. Whatever skill you have, chances are there are people who want to know about it.

Food Review Blog
Good food is something that most people care about, and one of the ways people like to find out if food at a certain place is good or bad is by reading about it. All you need to write about this topic is a camera with which you can take pictures of the food, and restaurants or cafes which you can get the food from. Then you just eat the food, and blog about it. You can include things like the taste, the price, the service of the staff, and whatever else you want to put in it. Similarly, you can do this type of blog with other things, such as movies, books, ect.) and post reviews of them as well (e.g. how good the movie or book was, the price, ect.)

Personal Blog
A personal blog is essentially a blog about your life. Other types of blogs may have aspects of your life included in them, but a personal blog is about what you do every day. Some of the things you can blog about are what you did on the weekend, the fact that you just got a new dog, or whatever else is going on in your life that you feel the need to share with the world. If you're going to do this type of blog, it helps if your life is interesting, or if you can make your life sound interesting, otherwise people will just leave and go read other blogs.

Sports Blog
Are you a fan of sports? Or do you have a lot of knowledge about sports? Well if you do, you can write a sports blog. You can choose a specific sport and just write about that, and about how good a team does, or what you think a certain team's chances of winning are. Or you could follow all the main sporting events and write about them when they are in season. You can also write some posts on how to do well at different sports. It is entirely up to you.

Variety Blog
This is essentially what my blog is. It's where you don't choose a specific topic but jump around between different topics, depending on what you feel like writing that day. A lot of people say it's harder to get readers when you don't define a niche, but I feel like if I wrote about one thing only I would get bored with that topic or feel constricted. So instead I write about what I want to. This may or may not be an option you like, but it is an option you have. Ultimately, your blog can be whatever you want it to be, because it is your blog.

What type of blog do you write?