How To Stay Warm and Fight The Cold

You may be thinking as you look out your window, it's summer time. It's still warm. Why is she going to talk about fighting off the cold and staying warm? Well yes, it's true that it is still very warm out people, but that's how the cold wants you to think. It wants to lull you into a false sense of security. Making you think it's not going to be cold for a long, long time. Maybe never. But it will get cold, mighty cold, again. Which is why you need to learn how to fight against the cold, and win.

1. Blankets. Blankets are your best friend, and the cold's worst enemy. Sure, you can use things like a measly heater, but what happens when the power goes out? You also can't carry a heater around your house with you. But with blankets, you can take them anywhere, and you can wrap yourself up so tight that you can't move a muscle, and have to roll or waddle around your house. But are you cold? I didn't think so.

2. Heaters. Despite the cold's obvious attempt to make you reliant on hydro, so you're helpless when the power goes out, heaters can be beneficial to keeping warm. Heaters can be placed anywhere there is a plugin, and with the best of them you'll feel like you have your own personal sun. Take that, cold.

3. Soup, or some other hot liquid. Sometimes the cold can invade you deep into your bones, and even if you have a blanket or a heater, you still feel that chill, and the cold will just not let you be in peace. Instead of cursing the cold for its unrelenting attacks, drink soup or some other form of hot liquid. Not only will this warm you from the inside out, but when you are holding it, it will warm your hands and arms, as well as your chest and face, and then you can laugh hysterically in the face of cold because you will know that you have won. It also tastes good.

4. Hot showers or baths. Hot water may be the greatest weapon in a war against the cold. When hot water hits you it warms your whole body and penetrates deep to drive out the cold. It also creates steam which will encase your body and help keep you warm. You will be warm for hours after this if you dress warmly afterwards. And then the cold will sulk in the corner in misery and defeat.

Use these tips wisely in your war against the cold, you now hold powerful information at your fingertips. Do not go mad from all this power, and tell me in the comments how you fight the cold.
Thanks for reading!