Technology Has A Hold On You

Technology has become a crutch. Yes, I know it is ironic to write about technology being a crutch while using it, but I think I'll give it a go anyway.

Technology is a marvelous thing, it has led to the betterment of many lives including my own. But sometimes, I wonder where the world would be without it.

In the old days people actually had to take the time to sit down and write letters to people. Now you can see a person on your phone while you talk to them. Is this better or worse? Many would argue better, but at the same time there is something to be said for the effort that would go into writing a letter. I mean, you had to actually sit down and think about what you wanted to say and then send it off. Arguably you can still do that in an email, but somehow the email still seems easier.

Technology may take less effort to communicate with people today, but does that mean they communicate more often? To write a letter to someone you would have to really to communicate with them, whereas now you can send them a five word text. But is this better? Or do people just communicate more because they can, without really caring if they here from the person?

I think sometimes people don't care if they talk to someone through text or some form of messaging, but I think it can enrich peoples lives in a way that letters cannot. For instance, if you had a relative or friend on the other side of the world you could just chat with them on Facebook. Where with a letter I expect it would take quite a bit longer than a few minutes to get to them and I bet a long distance phone call would be quite pricey. 

Ultimately, I think that technology enriches our communication with other people, but I also think it may make things just a little too easy sometimes. 

What's your take? Would you take the time to sit down and write someone a letter? Or would you rather just send them several texts throughout the day?