Fear Can Be Good?

So it's that time of year. Again. When the evil ways of society force us to go back to school and feed us the lie that we need to learn something so we can be productive human beings and actually have a life. Okay..... So there may be something to the whole "being a productive human being with a career" thing. No matter how much school can suck, the pros probably outweigh the cons. And it gives you time to figure out what you want to do with your life, and experience new things, new people. If only they could up with a way to teach that didn't involve essays and hours upon hours of readings.

I'm actually going into my last year of university, and it is bitter sweet. I'm excited that I'm finally going to finish school, but at the same time that means I have to go out into the "real world" and become one of those "productive human beings" of society, and that, is terrifying. But I think that life should be terrifying sometimes (the good kind, not the I'm afraid someone is going to break into my house while I sleep and kill me so agonizingly slow with a butter knife that I actually tell them there's a steak knife in the kitchen kind). Otherwise, life would get kind of boring if it was all peaches, and rainbows, and sunshine. That being said, fear is almost always seen in a negative light, so here are some reasons that fear is good for you.

Reason # 1
It tells you you're alive. So yeah, you probably already realized you were alive when you woke up this morning, or at least I hope you did, but fear can tell you that you're really alive. When you're afraid to do something in your life, it means, well, that you're doing something in your life. You're not just sleepwalking through life expecting things to fall into your lap, or wasting time until you die. It means you're actually considering things and thinking about how you want your life to happen, and not what other people tell you your life should be. Fear may be annoying, but if you don't make the choices in your life, the choices will be made for you. And that is even scarier.

Reason # 2
It's fun. No, really, it is. Why else would there be an entire day dedicated to dressing up and scaring people , thousands and thousands of horrors and thrillers, and so many twisted crime shows that you wonder how our society hasn't murdered everyone in a creatively gruesome way? We like fear. The good fear, anyway. The fear we know is fake. Which almost makes us sadistic in a way, but not really. The point is, fear can be fun, so try not to be too hard on it.

Reason # 3
Fear protects us from killing or injuring ourselves. Take the following scenario. You're walking down the street and you see a tiger randomly standing in the middle of the road. You think oh, it's so cute! I want to run over and hug it! But then your fear kicks in and is like honey, no. No matter how huggable that tiger looks, it will tear you to shreds. And no, you're not actually a prodigy tiger tamer from another life so don't even think about it. And then you will inevitably run. But without fear, you would have ran up to that tiger, hugged it, and well, you know,  been brutally slashed to death with your blood pouring onto the road and dripping from the tigers mouth. Yay fear!

Reason # 4
Fear tells you that you care about someone. This is also known as worrying for someone. When your afraid that someone you know is going to make some horrible mistake like not watching Big Brother, it means you care about them. Yes, you can also know you care about someone without being afraid for them, but when you do feel a pang of fear for someone else, it can be a signal that you actually do care. Otherwise, people would be doing more stupid things by the second. Well, they already kind of are, but hopefully at least some people have friends or family that stop them from doing idiotic things. I hope.

Reason # 5
It makes you stronger. Overcoming fear is difficult, but once you do it, it makes doing that same thing again just a little bit easier. It also proves to yourself that you can overcome fear and can do the things you want to even if you are afraid to fail. Fear can only affect you as much as you let it. If you give in it will take over your life, but if you keep it at bay it can make you stronger person and give you the tools to deal with whatever falls your way in life.

What has fear done for you?