An Impossible Future

I thought I would try some flash fiction on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

I watched her standing by the ocean. The suns rays reflecting off her beautiful, golden hair. She had no idea who I was. She didn’t know that I existed. But I needed to touch her, to feel her under me. I needed to feel her skin against mine, hear her moans tickle my flesh. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand to be without her. But she was not mine. She was the forbidden fruit. All I could do was stare, and dream of an impossible future.

I stayed up at night thinking about her. Every part of my body ached to be with her. But unsanctioned mating was not allowed in this culture, and I already had a wife. A wife who pretended she was sick every time we were supposed to mate. She hated me. She thought I was repulsive. I tried to buy into the whole getting married for the sake of the planet thing.  Repopulate the planet, they said. We need to repopulate it and create progress. This from the people who destroyed it, and then blamed it on the dead ones. My wife didn’t want me. She was hoping I’d get taken away and she could find someone else. We’d yet to have a child because of her, and I knew if we didn’t do it soon there would be consequences. A friend in my building was already taken away to be “reconditioned” because he had no children.

No one had any say in what they did anymore. No one had fun. We all existed. We all watched the same programing that vilified the three quarters of the world that was destroyed in the war. I came from that three quarters. My entire family line had been wiped out, and I had no one. But when I looked at the figure of the woman in front of me, all of that fell away. She made me forget the horrible ache inside of me. Made me forget what this world had become. I’d never met her but I felt like she was the other half of my soul.

Running was a thought that ran through my mind every day. It ran through everyone’s mind. They claimed that much of the world was uninhabitable, but no one really knew the truth. No one tried. Running meant certain death. A few ran just after the new order, but they were all “dealt with” as they liked to say. But I would run away with the woman before me gazing at the ocean. I would leave everything here for her. I would risk everything. I would give my life for her.