Making a Decision

Did you ever notice how adults tend to overcomplicate things, and where kids tend not to overanalyze things to death? It’s like as soon as a person gets to a certain age and they have “responsibility” it’s like they have to make all these dire decisions and if they make the wrong one the world is going to end. Or that even if they know what they want to do they decide, no, nope, can’t do that, that’s too simple. I feel like I’m not explaining this well. What I mean is, kids will make decisions based on what they want, and adults might end up doing that but they’ll heap piles on anxiety onto it by trying to make the “right” decision (as if there is only one decision they can ever make that will be right).

Life seems like it can be a very complicated thing. Look at all the possible options there are to make money. Look at all the places you could live. All things you could do. All the paths you can take to get to the same place. Now this may seem like a good thing, everyone likes options, right? But the problem is that there are too many and you can’t take them all in or you’ll go insane (and not the kind where you invent some new super cool thing that everyone wants, but the kind where they tell you you’re going to Disneyland and then they throw you out of a moving car on the doorstep of an insane asylum).

So we’ve established there are too many options to look at all the options in depth…so what now? Do you close your eyes, hope for the best, and pick one randomly? No. You get in touch with your inner child that actually knows what you want in life. This doesn’t mean you want the same thing you did when you were ten, it means you know how to clear out all the other crap and make a decision. Do you think ten year old you would spend hours going over a pros and a cons list only to find another reason why the decision you finally made won’t work? No. Ten year old you would make the decision that ten year old you wanted. Now granted, kids don’t always make the best decisions, and you are (hopefully) more knowledgeable as an adult, but they also don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Like if you’re trying to pick a career, pick something you like, and leave it at that. Don’t overcomplicate it with: what if I’m not good enough? What if I fail? What if too many people are already doing this job? What if I’m abducted by not so friendly aliens? If you are really passionate about something, I’m certain you can find a way to do it, or do something similar to it. Because sometimes we think we want to do something, but we end up liking something similar a whole lot more.

That brings me to another point. Another reason to not overcomplicate things is that if you choose the wrong career path, or the wrong anything, you can always make another choice if it fails. Granted, there are some choices that will turn out much worse than other choices if you make the wrong ones, but there is always a risk involved in choice. Even if you go over a decision for hours it could still be the wrong choice. Even if you decide not to make a choice, you’re still make a choice to not make a choice. Which is why you need to go with what you feel is right. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks is right, if you feel you should do something, than go do it. It’s your life, your choice, simple as that.

Well I hope this has helped you to be a little more decisive and to listen to that voice inside your head. The good one that tells you to go after your dream, or whatever it is you are deciding. And not the voice that tells you to sit there for hours and analyze a decision so much that you forget what you were trying to decide on in the first place. You were born with intuition (hopefully) use it.

Do you ever have trouble making decisions?