Book Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

13047090Onyx is the second book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It has aliens in it. If you haven’t read the first book yet you can go read about my review here. And if you have read it I doubt you need much convincing to read the next one, but here it is anyway.

Katy and Daemon are joined through some weird, alien connection thingy, (apparently thingy is a word because spell check didn’t say it was wrong) and neither of them really knows what’s going on. Daemon’s now professing love to Katy (though not in so many words), and Katy thinks he’s gone off the deep end and only wants to get together because of the alien connection thingy. Which, I can’t blame her too much after the way Daemon acted in Obsidian. But Daemon persists, and he persists hard. It is very entertaining to read.

We also meet a new character in this book. Blake. And Blake is different. Different how? Is he an alien, does he have a weird connection thingy, or is he a vampire? (Wouldn’t that be awesome, vampires popping up in alien books? Although what would happen if a vampire bit a Luxen? Would we get a Luxpire?) But anyway Blake is new, different, interested in Katy, and Daemon pretty much wants to tear him to shreds from the moment he meets him.

As far as style goes this book is written pretty similarly to Obsidian. It has the same sarcastic humour Armentrout put in the first one and the point of view is from Katy again. I liked how Daemon and Katy’s relationship progressed in this series, and how they’re not instantly in love (or so they claim) and it’s takes them awhile to really find each other. I also like how this book is messier than others. You’ll see what I mean by messy if you read the series. But I find some young adult books make things neat and tidy even if there is conflict in them. But that’s not how life works. Things don’t always turn out neat and tidy.

This book is also perfect for satisfying your need for drama and steamy romance, the pages are practically dripping with it. But not only is there romance, but the actual storyline is quite intriguing, making this a very well rounded book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes young adult romance with lots of drama and the paranormal thrown in. Ultimately this book does a really good job of pulling you into the character’s world and making you care about them. Or hate them. Depending on the character you’re looking at.