There is hope in the
darkest times.
There is hope when there is
no light.
There is hope, when the blade
you have pressed to your throat,
is about to slide in and
shed red.

When you want to
give up,
when you want to die,
when you want to throw
in the towel,
jump from that bridge,
let that coarse rope tighten
tighter and tighter,
cutting off air,
vision cutting out,
slipping from this world,
there is hope.

When there is nothing
left to lose.
Nothing left tying you
to the world.
When your life is
full of
misery and pain.
When you think you
can no longer
there is hope.

When you think everyone
has left you.
When you think you are
all alone.
When you think you
have no friends,
no one who cares,
no one who loves you,
there is hope.

There is and always will be
Hope will always be there,
an invisible friend.
In the deepest, darkest, pit
life puts forth.
Hope is a shining ray that
will never be

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photo credit: :) via photopin (license)