I Will Never Go Back To School

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You may or may not know, but I’ve just finished university this past April, and I won’t be going back to school. As the new school year is approaching, it got me thinking about how I will never go back to school, so I decided to right a blog post about it. Enjoy.

I will never go back to school. I will not go back to elementary school. I will not go back to high school. I will not go back to university. I will never walk down the hallways again. Never feel the excitement mixed with dread of a new school year. Never see another chalk board, or a smart board. I will not sit in an uncomfortable desk or chair for long hours, wishing the day were over. I will never go back to school.

I will never again chat idly with friends in the hall or at lunch. I will not go my locker and get out my books. I will not need to go back to school shopping. No notes will be needed. No lectures attended. No required readings. No new teachers or schedules. Exams are a thing of the past, no more quizzes. I have gone through the education system, and that part of my life is now over.

I have gone through the ups and the downs of the education system. I have been in school for 18 years. I have wished for it all to be over, and now that it is, I find that it is a bit sad. I do not wish to go back, but to have something that was such a big part of your life be over, it feels as if a part of you is being left behind. But something new will grow in its place.

I am starting a new chapter in my life. A new chapter that has never before been written. They say that now I will join the real world, the working world, and school will be no more. But I will always have the memories of the chapter of school. The different school projects and outings. The misery and the joy. The sheer boredom and the piqued interest.

As I watch all the back to school commercials, as I see all the children and older students preparing for another year of learning, I will be reminded that this is not me. This will never be me again. Part of me is happy, for that is how we grow. Old chapters must close and new ones must open. The other part of me though, almost longs to go back, but knows it cannot and even if it could, knows it would be a mistake.

I will never go back to school again, but I will forge on and keep writing the book that is my life.

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  1. I definitely agree! We all curse and spit at school and homework, that by the time we get out, we go back thinking about all the things we could have done in school, and the things we could have done better. I sure have a few regrets going on in my head. I really enjoyed reading your article. It has made me rethink how much I actually cherished school.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! and I know what you mean. When we're kids we think school is this horrible, horrendous things that adults force us to do, then we look back and we think: huh, maybe school wasn't that bad.


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