Tiny Monsters

A little boy
staring eerily.
Bottomless pits for
soulless eyes.
Pale, shallow skin.
Wisps of straw hair.
A corpse that was not
quite dead, yet not
quite alive.

I ran. I ran.
I ran for my life.
My stupid, pathetic
What had I done?
Created? Manipulated?
Tortured into existence?
That laugh.
That bone crushing, chilling,
hysterical laugh.

He gained on me.
Superhuman speed.
A flash of ghost.
Cold dirt flung
around me.
Coated my body.
Cascading storm.
A silent scream.
Windpipe crumpled,
by those tiny hands.

All creatures kill 
their creators eventually.
I'd watch out,
if I were

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Photo credit: Rose Morelli  March 2015's Eclipse via photopin (license)


  1. I bet you like horror films and art. I do too. Did you watch Penny Dreadful this season it was good! Nice write!

    1. I do like horror films! I've never actually heard of Penny Dreadful but I just watched a trailor for it and it looks quite good. And thank you :) I'm glad you liked it.


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