I Published a Poetry Book on Amazon

I just published my first poetry book! Well, actually I published it Saturday, but I wasn’t planning on putting this post up until today, because I thought it would take longer for my book to go live. I also didn’t expect the process to be so incredibly stressful. Putting it on Amazon was actually pretty easy, it was more the idea of putting my work out there that I was stressing over, and still am, to some extent, but I think that’s normal.

I went with dark poetry because I noticed that a lot of my poems I’ve written over the years had a dark theme to them, and it’s also fun to write dark poetry. For whatever reason, when I wrote something in university it always seemed to turn dark whether I meant it to or not. Some of the poems came from things I was feeling at the time, and other poems came from some dark place in my mind that likes to frolic in the shadows. Either way, if you like dark things, or horror, blood, that kind of thing, then you might just like my poetry. Here’s the blurb I put up on Amazon:

A collection of poems that explore the darker side of life. The things in life that people don't want to think about. The darkest corners of your imagination. The things you wouldn't dare breathe into existence. All here in this poetry book. The book is divided into four sections: A Dark Life, A Dark Soul, A Dark Sacrifice, and A Dark Love. The first two sections are all individual poems, and the last two carry the same story throughout the poems. All are deliciously dark. So my dears, why don't you let your dark side come out to play? Go on. Give it a shot. You might enjoy it.

Sample Poem: Blood of Tears

The sadness clings to
Swirls around
Caressing, calling, consuming.
It has a hold.
Will not let go.
Grips me like no other.

Sadness pulls me toward
Makes it enticing.
Makes me want it.
Makes me depressed without it.

Is there any hope?
Will this ever end?
Will it?
I do not know
if I will last.
If I can withstand.
If I can hold out.

Do I need help?

Tears roll from my
Slide down silently.
Pool on the floor,
crystal clear blood.

All happiness gone.
Empty and hollow.
Brittle and breaking.
Falling to pieces.

No hope.
No light.
Only darkness.
Only the dark.


If you’d like to read more you can go here So do go on, indulge your dark side and let your demons come out to play.