Reclaiming Nature

The clouds are angry
they are lashing out.
Nature is awakening,
throwing everything
in doubt.

The creaking, the groaning,
the branch is going to snap.
The last building will come down,
nature will have her world

Rain hits the earth.
Tiny pellets of fury.
A flash of lightening.
A scream that echoes
in the night.

This world is slowly slipping away.
This world is coming to the
last days.

A taste of guilt.
A taste of fear.
Humans have done this.
Devoid of cheer.

The animals awakening,
coming into their own.
Eyes opening wide,
gleaming teeth on show.

The rain is slowing,
it will be over soon.
A new world will be born,
but it will not be with you.

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Photo Credit: Wanda Gould Maddy via photopin (license)


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