Why You Need To Keep Fighting

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Why does everyone expect everything to be easy? Okay, I know not everyone expects things to be easy, but people are often surprised when they aren’t. They often complain about how hard everything is and how unfair life is. Yet, no one said it was easy and no one said it was fair. In fact, people have been saying the opposite for a lot of years, philosophers, religious texts, and probably just the average person. So why do we think that everything should be easy or fair?

I wonder if it’s because most people got things handed to them when they were children. I mean, when you’re four you can’t exactly cook dinner for yourself. That’s something I hadn’t thought of before, actually. And no, I’m not suggesting we put children to work, I’m just saying maybe that’s where our idea that everything should be easy and fair comes from, because as children we were cared for and we were made to be nice to other children (sometimes), and then we slam into adulthood where while there are quite a few nice people, things aren’t exactly fair. That being said, even as a child not everything is fair. Some children have nicer toys than other children and stuff like that.

So what am I rambling on about now? Oh, yes, life not being easy or fair. Well, let me tell you what brought this idea on. I’m terrified of finding a minimum wage job and being stuck in it for the rest of my life and never amounting to anything ever in my life. In short, fear of failure, something a lot of people go through at least once in their life. Probably doesn’t help that I’m young and haven’t really done anything outside of school. But then I realized, that the only way I’ll be stuck in a minimum wage job, is if I let myself be stuck in a minimum wage job. I was acting like I only had one chance to do this thing called life right, and that if I screwed that up, I was done. I would be unhappy for the rest of my life, grow old and alone, and have my cats eat me when I died. But really, that’s pretty unrealistic (I mean, do cats even eat people?). We make so many choices every day that we have multiple opportunities to get back on track. Basically, if you’re not dead, you can still keep trying.

Which brings me to the title of this post, that is, that you need to keep fighting. I say fighting because succeeding in what you want in life is hard. Or at least it seems hard. You can’t just buy an easy button from staples (I think they actually sell them), push it, and then be insta-famous, or insta-rich. Life doesn’t work like that. It might be easy to create something, but then you have to sell that something, you have to market it, you have to keep creating, you need to get better, or if you’re looking for a dream job you need to start at the bottom, work your way up, make yourself better, hope someone notices, and there are all these things you feel like you have to do and it can just seem like an impossible battle. But it’s not. It’s not impossible at all. People do it all the time. There are people out there right now, just like you and me, who are living their dreams. All you have to do is work hard and fight for it.

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  1. Every word of this is true!! Life is hard but there is so much joy in it if you look for it!

  2. Hey Emily,

    While life is hard, we have some very memorable moments. When we fall, we have the capacity to get back up or stay where we are. When we work in a minimum wage job we can get stuck there or reach a little further. Mediocre is everywhere but it is not living, it is staying in a comfort zone and I like this area for eating and sleeping, not for living. Thanks for a wonderful post.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      I'm glad you liked my post. I completely agree about the comfort zone. It really is a person's choice how far they're willing to live outside of it, or whether they'd rather stay in its confines. I like your idea about keeping that zone for eating and sleeping, and not living :)


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