You Are Enough

Remember when I said I might write a happier post in a few days? Well, here it is.

You are enough.

There are voices in your head that whisper: you are not enough. But you are enough.

There are people who say to you, "you are not enough," but you are enough.

There are things you think you need to do or be or say to make you enough. To make you have value and worth, but you are enough. Just as you are now, you are enough. You have value and worth now, simply by breathing. You are enough.

You may think you’re not enough for life. You just can't do life right. You don't deserve the space you are taking up on this planet and maybe you were one of the people meant to die. But let me tell you, that you are enough. You are not destined to take your life. No one is. People are not made to kill themselves. They are made to live. They are made to love. You have purpose. You are enough.

Maybe you don't think you're enough for God. Find a new one. You are enough for God. You cannot be any more "enough" if you tried.

Maybe you're atheist and you don't think you could ever be enough for anyone. But you are wrong. You are enough. Some people might say you're not, I say, "find new people".

If you're agnostic caught in between, you are enough too. Don't let anyone say otherwise.

This post might seem a little Pollyanna, but it’s true. You can’t not be “enough”, because that would imply there is something fundamentally wrong with who you are as a person. And you can’t change that. There is nothing implicitly wrong with you. You’re just being you, and that’s perfectly okay.

Being enough is not being the best, being perfect, or finally doing that one thing that will make your life great and gain you all the approval you could ever want. Being enough is being who you are and recognizing that your worth is not based on things that you have or do, but on who you are. You cannot be more of yourself. You are enough as you are.