The Neighbour

It took longer than I thought it would, but I recently published a novella called The Neighbour. If you're into suspense or romance, it might just be your cup of tea. Here's the blurb:

Life was simple for Alissa. Easy. She had an exit plan from life. Nothing and no one was going to stop her. Her mind was made up. She was done. Except for one problem. The neighbour. The neighbour with the good looks and the bleeding heart. The neighbour who inserted himself into her life like it was nothing. The neighbour who’s determined to save her. But there’s a problem with that. Alissa doesn’t want to be saved. And the neighbour isn’t telling her the whole truth. He has a few secrets of his own. What’s he hiding? Will he be able to save Alissa, or is it him who needs saving?

And here's a bit of chapter one to get you hooked ;)

Blood was trickling down my arm. Blood was everywhere. Coating me. Bathing me. Turning my blond hair into a gruesome red. A deliciously sweet smile on my face. I licked my lips. Tasted the blood. It tasted so good. But I think that was just my imagination and joy that I finally did it. That I finally cut and cut and cut, until it was too late to be saved.
I glanced out the window. My neighbour was walking by. I didn't even know his name. His head jerked toward the window as I dragged the sharp metal of the razor along my arm. I guess I should have closed the curtains, but I liked something about the sun shining in when I died. It made it more dramatic. I laughed when I pictured his scared face. So concerned. I couldn't imagine why. I never knew him. Maybe he was just the type who wanted to help everyone, no matter who they were. That type of person made me sick. But it didn't matter. I wouldn't have to deal with them much longer. No one could save me. I was a lost hope.
The brilliant ivory of the tub sparkled white against the bright red of my blood. Drops fell then cascaded onto the ivory, so darkly beautiful. I stared at it, fixated on it, fearing that my mind would wander back to the reasons why I did this. I did not want to be burdened with them. I wanted to be in peace before my death. I smiled as I felt the world fading, slowly, slipping away. I sank deep into the tub, slipping under the curtain of red.
The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes forever was the neighbour coming in. I vaguely wondered why he was there, then realized it would be some pathetic attempt to save me. But it's too late, I thought, I'm already gone.

And here's where you can buy it:

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It's only available as an ebook right now, but I am thinking of making it available in paperback as well. Let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like. Also, if you do like the story, a review would be absolutely wonderful. And it doesn't have to be long. Just a few words will do.

Happy reading!